Bésame Lingerie Pictures 2012

The Bésame Lingerie 2012 Collection modelled by Lina Posada. Picture credits to Béseme.

We also have a great video from the Bésame lingerie 2012 photo shoot.

View the full photo shoot of Béseme lingerie pictures and remember vote for your favourite!

17 thoughts on “Bésame Lingerie Pictures 2012

  1. Thank you for being beautiful. I think the classic blonde in black whatever, lingerie, dress, any outfit is the best in the world !

  2. Wow. I’m not sure this angel needs anything to be perfect. I would not change anything. Wow. Again I’m speechless looking at this beautiful example of a female.

  3. I have never seen anyone so beautiful in my 60 years, a true Goddess, one that I searched my whole life for. 50% more awesome than Claudi Shiffer .

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