Lina Posada

Who is Lina Posada? She is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is a fashion model and designer born in Colombia who has modelled for many fashion labels and brands. If you would like to know more about Lina, head over to the biography page. We also have a many pictures and videos of Lina Posada for you to enjoy.

Lina Posada Irgus Swimwear Video

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41 thoughts on “Lina Posada

  1. Hallo Lina wie geht es Dir ! DU hast ein gutes liebes romantisches Herz und wunderschöne Augen die leuchten wie der schönste Stern ! Ich schicke Dir 1000 liebe herzliche Grüsse von Heinrich aus der Mega-Kleinen Schweiz !

  2. Love all your have such a cool elegance.does Lina produce a calendar and if so where is it available.thank you.

  3. LINA I LOVE YOU, Spiros from Hellas’ FEMME FATALE You are the most beautiful woman on earth, ever , LINA you are literally a goddess you are an amazing woman, you are amazingly beautiful, i’ve never seen anyone like you !!!! you are my QUEEN, LINA MARRY ME !! Spiros , HELLAS September 14 ,2014 Hellas at 15:45

  4. Quite frankly you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. People if you do not believe in God you will after seeing a picture of Lina. She is the creation of perfection.

  5. Лина – ты богиня! Даже не представлял, что на Земле такое может быть.

  6. I am head over heels to find you, and finally found your official website…. You are just amazing…have no words to describe you beyond what you are such as grace!

  7. Lina, you are the most beautiful woman that has ever lived! I want to fall to my knees and worship you, you are an absolute goddess form heaven!! I can’t believe just how beautiful you are. Perfect!

  8. Lina, tu es la plus belle ! Tu gagnes a être connu dans le monde entier, et à défiler chez les grands couturiers. J’espère un jour te voir chez les Anges de Victoria’s secret. Biz. Gilles. France

  9. As a sexy girl who likes sexy girls I’ve got to say that Lina is pure perfection. ALL the superlatives apply but she is quite simply breathtaking – who needs men when Lina’s around?….NOT ME!!

  10. Ciao Lina sono Giampiero dall’Italia, (Lombardia), sei bellissima, hai un viso meraviglioso, degli occhi stupendi e un corpo da favola. Complimenti sei anche molto brava. Wahu che chica muy hermosa, muy bonita, muy sensual.

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